About Us

About American Advanced Management

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve access to quality healthcare for rural and urban communities by revitalizing struggling hospitals with a focus on growth and fiscally responsible centralized services.

Our Strategy

  • Physician Focused Growth
    • Improve physician satisfaction and engagement
    • Recruit needed specialties.
  • Length of Stay Management
    • We offer multiple settings within the care continuum and work to make sure our patients are always receiving care in the appropriate setting.
  • Facility Investment
    • Cosmetic, functional, and capacity upgrades have been a high priority at all our locations.
  • Cost-effective Shared Service Model

Our Development

American Advanced Management (AAM) takes immense pride in presently managing a distinguished network of 10 acute care hospitals strategically placed on the West Coast. With nine hospitals strategically positioned throughout California and one in Texas, our commitment to delivering cutting-edge medical care and comprehensive services to diverse communities is at the forefront of our mission.

At AAM, our unwavering focus on innovation and patient-centered care positions us as a trailblazer, actively shaping the future of healthcare delivery not only on the West Coast but beyond. We extend an invitation to explore how AAM’s strategic expansion is leaving an enduring impact on the quality, accessibility, and sustainability of healthcare services in the vibrant landscapes of California and Texas.