American Advanced Management selected to reopen Madera hospital

MADERA, CALIFORNIA - A bankruptcy judge today selected American Advanced Management to reopen the Madera Community Hospital, which has been closed for more than 13 months. 

“We’re excited to move forward with our plan to restore healthcare services for the Madera community,” said Matthew Beehler, chief strategy officer for American Advanced Management. “Our focus has always been on reopening this hospital as quickly as possible to improve the health and lives of community members. The debtor, the committee, and American Advanced Management have all worked together for many months to get to this point we are at today.”

The Modesto-based company first began meeting with hospital leadership and the board in December 2022. Work on the current plan has been underway with the creditors committee and Madera Community Hospital Board since September 2023. Over the past 2 months since the committee and board approved the plan, AAM has been working actively with the attorney general, multiple state government departments, and other entities to move the project along as fast as possible.  The remaining steps will take four to six months to complete before the hospital can reopen, Beehler said.

The company brings extensive experience and resources to this work. Its network of hospitals has grown to nine locations over 10 years, starting with the Central Valley Specialty Hospital in Modesto in 2012, and most recently, Orchard Hospital in Gridley, Calif., Kentfield Hospital in Marin & San Francisco, Calif., and the Rehab Hospital of Amarillo, Texas, in 2023. Its approved plan provides more than $30 million to pay off creditors and restore services.

Leading up to the bankruptcy judge’s decision today, more than 15 Madera physicians signed letters of support for American Advanced Management. “We’re grateful for all the encouragement we’ve received from the Madera physicians and community,” Beehler said. “Now that we have the court's approval, we’ll return our focus and resources to opening the doors as soon as possible.”

About American Advanced Management

American Advanced Management’s mission is to preserve access to quality healthcare for rural and urban communities by revitalizing struggling hospitals with a focus on growth and fiscally responsible centralized services. We take immense pride in owning and operating a distinguished network of 9 acute care hospitals. With eight hospitals strategically positioned throughout California and one in Texas, our commitment to delivering leading-edge medical care and comprehensive services to diverse communities is at the forefront of our mission. Our unwavering focus on innovation and patient-centered care positions us as a trailblazer, actively shaping the future of healthcare delivery on the West Coast and beyond.

About Madera Community Hospital

Madera Community Hospital opened on October 1, 1971 as a 63-bed community hospital. Before its closure on January 10, 2023, the private, not-for-profit hospital provided an array of diagnostic and treatment services through a 106-bed hospital, clinics and outpatient facilities.

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