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Imagine having access to a team of skilled and dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional service to you. We offer a valuable resource that is ready and willing to assist you in achieving your goals. You can trust our team to go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the best possible experience. We are here to support and guide you every step of the way, and we are committed to helping you achieve success. So, let’s get started today and see how we can empower you to reach new heights!

Team Members

Dr Gurpreet Singh

Dr. Gurpreet Singh Randhawa, M.D., is a distinguished physician renowned for his expertise in internal medicine and gastroenterology. His medical journey commenced with an internship at a hospital affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, where he immersed himself in comprehensive patient care from 2002 to 2003. Following this, he pursued a residency in internal medicine at a hospital affiliated with Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, from 2003 to 2005.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Dr. Singh further refined his skills and knowledge in gastroenterology through a fellowship at Seton Hall University, School of GME, in South Orange, New Jersey from 2005 to 2008. This commitment underscores his dedication to advancing his proficiency in the field. Proficient in state-of-the-art technologies including EGD, Colonoscopy, Interventional ERCP, High-resolution Motility, Capsule Endoscopy, Bravo pH capsule and SpyGlass® Direct Visualization System for Cholangioscopy , Dr. Singh continuously strives to provide cutting-edge care to his patients.

Dr Shamsher Bhullar

Dr. Shamsher Bhullar is a healthcare professional with 15+ years of experience in clinical practice and management across Asia, Europe, and North America. He holds a Bachelor’s in Health Science from Guru Nanak College and a Doctor of Medicine from Kharkiv National Medical University in Ukraine. He provides expert care in internal medicine and holds active RN licensure with his Bachelors in Nursing in California. Dr. Sam is known for his contributions to healthcare management, using his clinical expertise to improve operational efficiency and strategic growth.

Malal Ahmadzai
Regional Executive Director

Upon receiving her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management, Malal Ahmadzai has dedicated the last 10 years guiding patients and families towards quality health care.. From her experience with patients, she has adapted to learning many diverse languages in order to provide the most efficient care. Her extensive knowledge and ability to accomplish effective health care management has led her to take on the role of Regional Vice President. She previously was president of a Hartford health care inc.
She is responsible for managing affiliate relationships, overseeing network operations and patients quality of care, and ensuring successful alignment with American Advanced Management Health strategic priorities.

Amy Micheli
Regional COO

Amy Micheli started as a RN in 1998, and in the last 25 years has spent most of her time working in healthcare management and administration, including 12 years directing a large hospice. She obtained her FNP & Masters in Nursing Practice in 2015 and later a Doctorate in Nursing Practice in 2017. Clinically she has worked as a Hospitalist NP since 2015. Amy joined American Advanced Management in Feb 2018, initially as the Chief Operations and Nursing Officer for both Colusa and Glenn Medical Centers. She was later promoted to corporate Director of Provider Relations and more recently Corporate Operations.

Tammy Thompson
VP Finance

Tammy Thompson is a highly skilled VP CFO Administrator at American Advanced Management Inc. with 20+ years’ experience in healthcare and finance. She oversees daily finances and operations while optimizing business practices and facilitating leadership development. Tammy’s expertise enhances overall organization performance by implementing strategies, structures, and processes. Her remarkable business acumen and leadership skills have made a significant impact on corporate growth. Tammy’s experienced and educational leadership style provides invaluable guidance to the team.

Matthew Beehler
Chief Strategy Officer

Matthew Beehler is an experienced strategy, growth, and development leader recognized for expertise in healthcare consulting, customer service, Medicaid, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and corporate development. Matthew spent the last 15 years in a variety of leadership roles with Adventist Health in business development, strategy, and acquisition work.

Steve Stark
Regional CEO

Steve Stark, CEO of Orchard, Glenn Medical Center & Colusa Medical Center, has 15+ years of healthcare experience, including roles as CIO, COO, and Senior Infrastructure Engineer. He graduated from University of Drury with a Bachelor of Business Administration and holds two Master’s degrees from Bellevue University in Hospital Administration and Organizational Performance. Steve is a renowned speaker on integrating process improvement and technology into healthcare workflow for superior patient care.

Ann Mcnelis Gors
Specialty Hospital Divison CEO

Ann is a highly accomplished healthcare executive with over two decades of experience in hospital administration. A graduate of Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Physical Therapy, she has excelled in leadership roles overseeing long-term acute care and acute rehabilitation hospital operations across the United States.

As the Specialty Hospital Division CEO, Ann is known for her strategic thinking and expertise in driving business development initiatives. Her commitment to delivering quality care is evident in her hands-on approach and dedication to improving patient outcomes.

Beyond her role as CEO, Ann actively contributes to the healthcare community. She serves on the United Hospital Board of Trustees, influencing healthcare policies, and is a member of the Advisory Board for the California Hospital Association Center for Post-Acute Care, highlighting her commitment to advancing healthcare initiatives.

Dr “Sony” Dupinder Sidhu
Corporate Compliance

Dr. Sony Sidhu, a Doctor of Nursing practice graduate of UCSF, has been in the acute care health system for 24 years. She started her career as a registered nurse in 2000. She is a board-certified advanced nurse executive (NEA-BC), and obtained her Masters in Nursing and Masters in Healthcare Management in 2012. Sidhu brings results-driven operations for acute care and rural hospitals with a proven record of accomplishment in clinical development, strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and performance improvement from her experience as Chief Executive officer, Chief Nursing Officer, and Chief Compliance and Risk Management Officer. Dr. Sidhu is a dedicated caregiver, leader, and advocate who embodies the highest ideals of nursing excellence and regulatory compliance. She has led quality and safety improvements and increased Leapfrog Score from C to A, the CMS rating from 3 stars to 4, and increased all HCAHPS ratings. With a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of healthcare regulations, Dr. Sidhu navigates complex compliance issues with ease. With her unwavering commitment to patient safety and organizational integrity, she is an invaluable asset to AAM hospital system.

Robert Layton
Legal Counsel

Robert Layton is a highly accomplished and forward-thinking Assistant General Counsel and Attorney with a proven track record of advising executives in the healthcare industry in mergers, acquisitions, revenue cycle management, insurance recoveries, compliance, reorganizations, and regulation (including Medicare and Medicaid). Robert spent the last 8 years serving as general counsel for a large health system on the west coast.